House Captains/Student School Improvement Team

We have House Captains that represent the four houses of YPS - Banskia, Eucalyptus, Grevillea and Wattle. House Captains apply for these positions through written applications and interviews in Grade 6 and take on a range of leadership roles, including facilitating assemblies, representing the school at public events such as the ANZAC Day ceremony, and welcoming guests at transition days.

Our House Captains also serve on the Student School Improvement Team, where they join the staff leadership team in discussions around current school issues, teaching methods, and ideas to improve student engagement. Our Student SIT team members act as key voices for their peers in school matters.

School Crew

School Crew members are volunteer leaders that take an active role in the school yard. Our School Crew leads games and activities during lunch play times (with mentorship and support from YPS staff). They also facilitate improvement activities, such as gardening projects, that make our school a place to be proud of!

Junior School Council

Our Junior School Council is made up of elected students from grades 3 to 6. They focus on making a positive impact by organising fundraising activities. Through their efforts, they contribute to our school, community, and the world. This first layer of formal leadership at YPS opens doors to many more opportunities.

Cultural Diversity Ambassadors

We are very proud to have a volunteer committee of students who are Cultural Diversity Ambassadors. Recognising the importance of inclusion, respecting diversity and broadening perspectives, these students work with a teacher mentor to design and facilitate activities at school related to positive and inclusive experiences.