Volunteers play a vital role in our school community, providing invaluable support and creating a positive impact. By volunteering, parents and community members set a powerful example for our children, showcasing the importance of giving back and being actively involved. We are immensely grateful for our dedicated volunteers who bring passion, dedication, and a sense of togetherness to our school community.

All volunteers are encouraged to have a current Working With Children Clearance, in line with Child Safe Standards and our Volunteers Policy. This is required for volunteers working with children on a regular basis.

Volunteer Opportunities at YPS

School Council

Our School Council is comprised of elected members who help shape the school's direction, establish policies, and make important decisions. They also oversee financial management and provide a platform for the school community to have a voice. Elections are held each February for the new school year.

YPS Parents and Friends

Our YPS Parents and Friends group organises special events and fundraisers for our school. From planning a disco or colour run to selling special gifts at Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls, this welcoming group focuses on fun.

Working Bees

We are very fortunate to have beautiful facilities at Yarram Primary. Of course our grounds need looking after, and we host two Working Bees each year to do just that. Bringing together tools big and small (we love when the tractors come to school!) and many hands we are able to ensure student play spaces are beautiful and well maintained. Working Bees are perfect events for families, as the students love helping out with the gardening!

Activity Clubs

Our multi-age activity clubs are a great opportunity to share your special skills and expertise with our students. These clubs are designed to broaden students' horizons by exposing them to different hobbies, skills and passions. We are able to offer a wide range of activities because both YPS staff and volunteers work together. We have had parents run yoga, gardening, tennis, bushcraft, felting, footy skills and more! If you are keen to run a small group activity club, please contact us.